The desire for peace is something humankind has longed for since ancient times. Today, the group Ten Million For World Peace is planning a 21 Day World Peace Meditation Challenge that starts on September 1st and culminates on World Peace Day, September 21st.
As the event draws near, there’s still plenty of time to explore ways to encourage greater peace on earth. In this post, you’ll discover seven ancient Goddesses who focused on peace, either between nations, for individuals, or within the home. These deities symbolize compassion, unity, and the maintenance or restoration of balance.
Today, many people still look to these icons of peace to help find a calm center and sense of harmony. Meet these seven legendary females below, so you can call upon them to help promote world peace.
The Goddess Eirene
In Greek mythology, Eirene is the personification of peace. She is often depicted as a young woman holding an olive branch, symbolizing peace, and abundance. Eirene was one of the three Horae, goddesses of the seasons and natural order. She brought prosperity, tranquility, and a harmonious coexistence among the people.
The Goddess Pax
In the Roman pantheon, Pax is the goddess of peace. Portrayed as a serene figure, Pax held an olive branch and a cornucopia overflowing with abundance. Pax represented peace resulting from the ending of hostilities and the establishment of stability. The Romans revered Pax and associated her with the Pax Romana, an extended period of relative peace and stability in the Roman Empire.
Quan Yin
Quan Yin originates from Chinese Buddhism and is a bodhisattva – a soul that could enter nirvana but instead decides to help souls on earth. She is associated with compassion and mercy. She has many names including Kwan Yin, Guanyin, Guan Shi, Kannon and Avalokiteshvara, among others.
While not a conventional goddess, Quan Yin is considered a deity who embodies peace and offers solace to those in need. Shown as a graceful female figure, standing, or seated, Quan Yin is known for her ability to bring calm, alleviate suffering, and promotes peace for individuals and the world.
White Buffalo Calf Woman
In Native American Lakota mythology, White Buffalo Calf Woman is a sacred figure who brought peace and spiritual teachings to the Lakota people. According to legend, she appeared as a white buffalo calf, symbolizing purity, and unity. White Buffalo Calf Woman emphasized the importance of harmony with nature and respect for all living beings, teaching the Lakota people to live in peace with themselves and the world around them.
The Goddess Hestia
In Greek mythology, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and home. While not explicitly a goddess of peace, Hestia represents the tranquility and harmony found within the household. She symbolizes the importance of domestic peace and the nurturing of relationships.
Hestia was believed to bring stability, unity, and a sense of belonging, creating a peaceful atmosphere within families and communities. As they say, if you want to create world peace, start with inner peace. Home is the perfect place to begin.
The Goddess Maat
In ancient Egyptian mythology, Maat is the goddess of truth, justice, and cosmic balance. She represents the fundamental principles of harmony, order, and peace in the world. Statues and drawings of Maat show her as a woman wearing a feather on her head, symbolizing truth, and justice. She will weigh your heart against a feather on the scale of justice in the afterlife.
This Egyptian Goddess upholds the balance between the forces of chaos and maintains peace and stability in the universe. Maat also governs moral conduct and the harmony within human societies.
The Goddess Milda
Milda is a goddess in Lithuanian mythology who represents love, beauty, and peace. She is associated with harmony, fertility, and the well-being of communities. Thought of as a radiant and gentle figure, Milda was usually surrounded by flowers and nature. Her presence inspired love and unity among people, fostering a peaceful and harmonious society.
Working Towards World Peace
These goddesses from the ancient world highlight the importance placed on peace, balance, and harmony in their respective mythologies. Whether through upholding cosmic balance, promoting justice and moral conduct, or representing the absence of conflict, they instill the significance that peace holds across cultures and how it serves to inspire peaceful coexistence.
Beginning on September 1st, will be holding a 21-Day World Peace Meditation Challenge. Just 7-minutes a day can change the world. Guided mediations will be conducted live on Facebook and Youtube.
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