This is part 2 of an interview MarBeth Dunn and Teri Angel did with GP. Walsh, who is the Cofounder of Ohm School Incorporated. He is an author, speaker, and master spiritual teacher, who delivers a delightful mix of insight, divine inspiration, and humor. His work is where wisdom meets earthiness to help people with their ongoing spiritual growth and inner transformation.

Teri loved GP’s whole idea of peace. She asked him what world peace means to him?

GP said there can’t be peace without a shift in perception. What’s going on in the world is exactly what he has seen going on for countless numbers of people including himself, his students, etc. There is a dismantling of the egoic construct that makes up everyone’s obsession with the little bitty self that only lives in our heads. It isn’t even a self.

Your ego is like Siri. When Siri can’t answer a question, she says, “I’m sorry, I don’t know.” But in truth, there’s no “I” in Siri since she’s a computer program. There’s nobody actually answering you. It’s just programming.

If you see it that way, then suddenly the war with the ego and the war with the false sense of self ends. This is the war created by your natural safety mechanism in the nervous system to keep you safe, which falls away as you see you are a part of everything and love is the answer.

The internal protection gets replaced by a loving awareness that at the heart is simply the mechanism of life that wants to maintain its own survival. Survival is important of course. But when you take that false sense of self and mistake it to be the real you and let those opinions, needs, and addictions run the show, that creates a problem.

Now magnify that by the billions of people across the world, and you can see that is exactly what’s happening. When you rely only on the part of yourself that wants to protect you, you find greed and profound ignorance of who you really are. That has to be eradicated first in one’s own heart.

People have to see through this. Then even the worst offenders on the world stage can be seen as children that never got loved. Simple as that. And your heart will go out to them and that will have its impact on peace.

To GP, that’s what’s happening. He’s just watching his own ego dissolve on a massive scale and he’s all for it. But this shift has to be done with love.

MarBeth Dunn thought that description was beautiful and asked why does GP thinks peace is possible.

He responded that greed ends up with a dog-eat-dog mentality, right? But where does love end up? Extrapolate that out as far as you want. It never does anything but create more love. So obviously, that’s the direction to go in. Finding genuine, selfless love that is universal and applying that to everything, looking for the most love under the circumstance.

But if you’re willing to look, you will find a way that is the most loving possible. In the moment that creates the next moment, so there’s no end to it.

Teri pointed out that Ten Million for World Peace uses meditation to send out energy to create a shift towards peace. She asked GP if he thinks it’s important to meditate for peace.

GP responded that the first role of meditation is to withdraw from the normal content of internal conversation to actually see the activity of the mind. It’s mostly ego. Meditate so you can stand back from the thoughts and ask yourself, “Who am I that is aware of this thought?”

As that deepens, you begin to realize you’re not this person, body, or these thoughts. You become gradually one with love that permeates all things and literally disappear into formless love. You become indistinguishable.

This is the desire of the universe and at that point you’re empowered beyond imagination. This is the path that meditation takes you on. Your desires are not personal anymore.

Your desire for love, for wealth, for intimacy, for community, are just the manifestations of love’s desire to express itself as love, with infinite resources to do it. You can disappear into it. That’s what meditation is for, because at that point you don’t even have to have an intention.

MarBeth and Teri expressed their appreciation for GP being on the podcast. Here’s how to find G.P Walsh – visit

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