MarBeth Dunn and Teri Angel had the pleasure of interviewing GP Walsh, who is the Cofounder of Ohm School Incorporated. He is an author, speaker, and  master spiritual teacher who delivers a delightful mix of insight, divine inspiration, and humor. His work is where wisdom meets earthiness to help people with their ongoing spiritual growth and inner transformation.

This covers three essential aspects of a happy and successful life which include 1) inner reconciliation, 2) healing soul reconnection, and 3) health and wellness.

Teri began by asking GP about the work he’s doing for world peace.

GP explained that his experience has been that peace starts with the individual, and when it takes root, it inevitably begins to spread out to everybody around them. The first step is to begin the inward journey because when you find that place within you, what emerges is a sense of equanimity.

The characteristics GP looks for in somebody’s spiritual growth to know whether they’re on the path isn’t the big event. Instead, what he looks for is in their behavior – are they more patient, compassionate, or slower to anger? Are they more thoughtful, willing to listen, or they less opinionated?

When he sees these characteristics emerging, then he knows they’re on the right path, This is the stuff peace is made of. When you bring that to the office and all of your relationships, into your churches and synagogues and everywhere, that has a profound impact.

There’s no such thing as a human being who does not respond to love. When you meet with somebody from this place of equanimity, you’re there because your heart wants to find the most loving solution to whatever’s happening in that moment. You show up empty because you have no agenda. You come from this place of care and equanimity and as result is, everyone feels it.

On the other hand, when somebody confronts you, you’ll dig in and defend a position you don’t even believe in. You won’t let the other person be right. You won’t give him the pleasure.

But, if you’re approached with no agenda and these characteristics of peace, you will react with openness and consider the person may have a point. You’re open to talking about it and discovering how the other person sees the situation. That creates a place for genuine conversation and a reconciliation of different interests can take place.

That’s what politics is supposed to be about, right? People working together for the common good. And this openness can influence things all the way up the chain. GP is encouraged about world peace, because he knows it starts with individuals and it’s just been an explosion towards this.

Right now the earth is going through the largest mass awakening ever experienced. This is the largest shift of consciousness that has ever happened. It’s not the most comfortable thing when things fall apart, but it’s just so obvious that’s what is happening.

When GP was a kid growing up in the a little town in Illinois, no one never heard words like Yoga, enlightenment, awakening, or Guru. Now you can’t turn around without seeing a yoga studio, right? This is a sign of the times and awakening is inevitable.

MarBeth Dunn asked GP how his work is impacting the world?

On the most fundamental level, its essential to recognize that we are different faces of the same soul. When you realize that, you know healing yourself actually helps heal the world. Every person that awakens even a little, makes it more possible for the next person to awaken. It creates momentum because we aren’t separate. Separation is an illusion. The moment you get just a glimpse that doesn’t last more than a split second, you can’t un-ring that bell.

If we can grow beyond the perspective of “It’s all about me” and shift into, “It’s all about we,” then things will change! Recognizing that the spiritual progress you make is, in fact, the spiritual process of the whole world, things improve. Knowing that you can’t separate your individual actions, from universal actions, or separate yourself from the whole, then suddenly everything you do becomes empowered.

Everything you do connects to that essential idea that love is selfless. From this perspective, everything you do is both empowered and naturally ripples out to touch everyone around you. You can’t help it.

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Watch for Part 2 of this article coming soon.