Lynn McTaggart and John Hagelin are well-known figures who have conducted experiments related to promoting peace. Both explored the concept of an ever-present energy field of consciousness that everything is a part of, and the positive impact meditation can make.

Lynn McTaggart and The Intention Experiment

An author and journalist, Lynn McTaggart has written extensively on the power of intention and collective consciousness. In her book The Intention Experiment, she explores the idea that focused intention can have a measurable impact on the world.

Lynn has organized various global intention experiments where participants come together to send positive intentions towards specific goals, such as reducing violence in a particular area or promoting healing.

These experiments aim to examine the effects of focused intention on physical and social outcomes. If you start with the idea that we are “all one,” then it makes total sense how our thoughts and intentions energetically affect others. That’s why when you focus on peace, you create more peace.

John Hagelin and Transcendental Meditation

John Hagelin is a physicist and a prominent advocate of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. He has conducted research on how large groups practicing TM can reduce societal stress and violence. Hagelin and his colleagues proposed the “Unified Field-Based Social Intervention Theory,” suggesting that collective meditation can create a positive influence through the universal field of consciousness.

Conducting several studies, John and his group investigated the effects of group meditation on crime rates and societal harmony. He brought the TM participants to locations with violence to run the experiments. His studies have shown correlations between group meditation and reduced crime rates of over 20% in specific areas.

MarBeth Dunn and the World Miracle Peace Experiment

Based on these success stories, MarBeth Dunn created the World Miracle Peace Experiment which correlated with a 20% drop in Middle East violence in September of 2018. For six months, she and several other spiritually minded, guest hosts offered 7-minute guided meditations for peace via Facebook Lives. The intention was to promote peace and reduce violence in the Middle East.

MarBeth and all involved were beyond thrilled with their results! According to the ACLED who tracks violence worldwide, the 12 counties of the Middle East saw a 20% reduction in violence during the World Miracle Peace Experiment. The ACLED collects, analyzes, and maps data about reported political violence and protests around the world.

Ten Million for World Peace

Now, MarBeth is thinking bigger with the Ten Million For World Peace experiment. She and her two partners, Teri Angel, and Maureen Whitehouse, are envisioning 10 million people joining together to promote world peace among world leaders.

The concept is simple. If meditation can reduce violence, then what might be possible if the group can positively influence world leaders to find more peaceful solutions? This is such an exciting premise! The trio of peace-seekers are hopeful the project will build steam and gather participants from around the world.

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