If you’ve been wishing there was a way to create peace on earth, you might naturally wonder who you could call on for assistance. Are there any spiritual helpers that are already working on creating a more harmonious planet?
The good news is yes, there are several benevolent beings helping with world peace! According to spiritual and religious traditions, there are several types of angels who specifically promote goodwill on earth.
People regard angels as celestial beings who foster peace, harmony, and overall well-being. While specific names and roles of angels may differ between different religions, the common thread is that they are all agents of positive influence in the world.
In this post you’ll discover nine different angelic individuals or groups you can call on for assistance, while meditating on or manifesting world peace.A messenger of God, Archangel Gabriel brings messages of peace, guidance, and hope to humanity. He’s often pictured with a big trumpet heralding messages from God to humanity.
Archangel Raphael is a healer and promoter of harmony. He offers support to resolve conflicts and bring about physical and spiritual healing. Certainly, creating a state of harmony is a big first step to achieving world peace.
Archangel Michael is a powerful protector, fighting against negativity, injustice, and chaos. He’s usually shown holding a large sword and people call upon him for protection. By defeating evil forces, Archangel Michael helps establish greater peace on Earth.
Additional Angel Helpers
Seraphim and Cherubim are part of the angelic hierarchy, although these heavenly beings play different roles depending on the religion. In Christianity, Seraphim and Cherubim bring about divine love and wisdom.
Depicted as part human and part animal with wings, these heavenly beings maintain cosmic harmony and contribute to overall balance and peace in the heavenly realm, which affects the peace on earth as well.
Angels of Mercy embody the qualities of mercy and compassion, working as intermediaries between God and humanity. Their purpose is to convey divine compassion.
These celestial beings also help individuals in times of distress or sorrow. By promoting empathy and understanding, they foster peace among people.
Some people believe in the existence of Angels of Balance whose purpose is to keep balance and harmony in the world. They may intervene to prevent extreme events or restore equilibrium and peace when disruptions occur.
Angels of Compassion are celestial ambassadors promoting compassion, empathy, and understanding among humanity. These are essential elements for creating peace on Earth.
Modern Angels
Archangels of Peace originate from more modern spiritual beliefs. These heavenly beings concentrate on actively inspiring peace, mediating conflicts that erupt, and guiding humanity towards a more harmonious way of living.
In some belief systems, people are assigned Guardian Angels from birth to watch over and guide them throughout their lives. These guardian angels may intervene on behalf of their charge, to create peaceful outcomes in various situations.
Agents of Peace
While there are people who find comfort and inspiration in the idea of angels working towards peace, others may view the concept as metaphorical or symbolic. Ultimately, the creation of peace requires a collective human effort to advance understanding, empathy, and cooperation among individuals, communities, and countries.

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