I am writing to share some truly exciting and inspiring news regarding our recent meditation initiative for world peace, which took place from September 1, 0223  to September 21, 2023. After this intensive period of dedicated meditation sessions, seven minute meditations for world peace, gathering people across the world together in the Unified Field of Consciousness, we have collectively witnessed a remarkable statistical improvement in world violence.

Truly I am blown away by these stats! Before I share them, I want to say that they underscore the importance of continuing and expanding this humanitarian method for promoting world peace and spreading the message that it is indeed possible. Ten Million for World Peace, Inc., is a 501c3 Non-Profit corporation with a mission to gather ten million people meditating for world leaders- so that they are compelled to lead with greater awareness and integrity. We were not alone in this endeavor. We are grateful and delighted that other organizations were gathering people and meditating as well.

Here are the remarkable statistics from the ACLED, an independent organization that gathers data on violence from all over the world and assembles it in its online database. The data collected goes back to August 1st so you can see the previous scenario through World Peace Day. It shows that world violence decreased between 26% and 36%. That’s quite dramatic and a testament to the profound power of collective meditation to not only transform individual lives but to also create a ripple effect that touches local, national, and international leaders. The positive impact of meditation is a clear indication that this approach deserves our continued support and commitmentWith the latest news of war in Israel, as well as the Russia – Ukraine war, we are needed more than ever!

Continue with us in our efforts to promote world peace through meditation. As we have witnessed, when people come together with a shared intention for peace and engage in regular meditation, it creates a more harmonious and compassionate society. Meditation has other benefits as well:

  • Conflict Resolution: Meditation equips individuals with conflict resolution skills, which are crucial for maintaining peace at both interpersonal and societal levels. It fosters mindfulness and empathy.
  • Promotes Compassion: Meditation encourages individuals to cultivate compassion for all beings. A mindset shift that is much needed.
  • Offers Sustainable Change: Unlike some short-term solutions, meditation offers a sustainable path to long-lasting change.

By incorporating meditation into our daily lives and communities, we can create a lasting foundation for a more peaceful and harmonious society.
Meditation works!! Meditation for peace really works. We invite you to please join us every Sunday at 1:11pm EST, in our Facebook Group and YouTube channel. Imagine being able to directly influence our entire planet for the better.

Thank you for your continued support to the cause of world peace through meditation. Your donations keep us going. Please feel free to reach out if you or would like to discuss this initiative further.